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Scene: Toby’s bedroom, late evening. Mummy and Toby are lying in his bed, stories are finished. Toby has chosen “Jack and Jill” for his bedtime song.

Mummy(sings): Jack and Jill went up the hill….

Toby (interrupts): Why did they go up the hill, Mummy?

Mummy: Listen, and you’ll find out (sings) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack…

Toby (interrupts): Why did they fetch a pail of water, Mummy?

Mummy: They probably needed it to water the garden, or cook dinner or something. (sings) Jack fell down and broke his crown

Toby(interrupts): How did he break his crown Mummy? And why was he wearing a crown? Is it his birthday?

Mummy: Crown is another word for head in this song, sweetheart. And he bumped his head when he fell down the hill. (sings) And Jill came tumbling after. (waits for question…) (Relieved that question didn’t come) Up Jack got and home did trot…

Toby (interrupts): Why did he trot, Mummy?

Mummy (suffocates Toby with pillow).


Well, drat. I shot myself in the foot here, didn’t I, by posting a picture of my grandfathers when we did Dads a couple of weeks ago. Still, I was sorting out some scanned pictures on my hard drive a few weeks ago, and re-found two of my favourite pictures ever, so I’ll share them today.

My father’s parents on their wedding day. It’s like something out of a film! Aren’t they beautiful? And I love how happy they look.

This is my Nanna, with her sisters. She must be about 17 on this shot, we think. Incidentally, her sister Frances, on the left (who died of TB about a year after this photo was taken) is well known for being my doppelgänger. They always say that if you go back far enough in your family, you’ll find someone who looks just like you. Well, Frances is it for me. Sad we never met, would have been great to see what I would have looked like at 60 😉

I love old photos. Both of my grandmothers have died in the past 6 years, so I am lucky to have some great memories of them, but still, they are all of old ladies, and of course the same will be true of my memories of Grandad and Grandpa (although it’s funny, when I was small, they were not much older than my parents are now, and yet I always remember them as elderly! Funny the way perception changes). It’s easy to forget that they were teenagers, and newly-weds, and new parents…

This post is for The Gallery. Rush over to Tara’s blog and see some more great posts on the topic of Grandparents now!!

I’m restarting my blog with my first ever go at The Gallery . This week’s prompt is “Dads”. At first, I wanted to post a picture of my husband, who is a great dad to our two little ones. Then I wanted to post a picture of my dad, who was, and still is, a great dad to me and my siblings. Then I thought of this photo, taken at Livi’s christening a couple of weeks ago, and one of my favourite photos ever:

Grandads and Livi

These are my grandfathers, my dad’s dad on the left, and my mum’s dad on the right. Both of my grandmothers have passed away in the past few years, and so I am extra grateful that both Grandad and Grandpa have had a chance to get to know their great-grandchildren. One of the most important things to me at the christening was to get photos of Livi with the two of them. My grandma died after Toby was born, and I cherish the pictures of her with him on his christening day. I hope that they will live long enough for my children to remember them, but even if they don’t, my memories of Grandad cuddling Livi, or Grandpa delighting Toby with the same disappearing coin trick he used to show us when we were small will be treasured forever.

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